Haragei II – outdoor seminar

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Hara ( 腹 ) is a Japanese word for stomach, and Gei ( 芸 ) stands for art. However, from martial arts perspective, this word carries a complete principle of inner and outer communication through self-discovering and revealing the changes happening around us. The teachers of Zen, centuries ago, taught that breathing with Hara (stomach) clears the mind from any thoughts and enables a view of one’s inner self. That perception exactly of the inner and outer changes, is believed to give the warrior the opportunity to sense the danger in time and react quickly. This training, meant for cultivating the inner energy, was called „an exercise of the immovable mind“ by the famous zen-priest Takuan Soho.
Imagine a situation, You and Your opponent are only two meters apart from each other with pointed katanas to your hearts. The tension increases and only one wrong breath or one blink of an eye can separate You from life and death. It is vital to sense the attack, and to feel the moment when you need to react.
Last year, shidoshi Igor Dovezenski, for the first time „publicly“ organized this seminar, that so far was available only for the advanced students. On their request, the same subject will be taught again on the 1st of March, and additional exercises will be shown. This opportunity is offered to all of our members that want to learn the techniques to increase the awareness and to improve their martial art.
Date: 01.03.2015 (Sunday)
Location: Elenac
08.00 o’clock – departing from Skopje
09.00 o’clock – arrival
09.00 – 16.00 – theory and practice
17.00 – return
The seminar is open for the members of Taiyou e no Michi only, but you can attend with a recommendation from instructor that nurtures friendly relations with our dojo. Questions and applications by e-mail, phone, in the dojo, or on the Forum.
Link from the last year’s report for the seminar —–> here