„Haragei“ seminar held

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In a fantastic atmosphere, the outdoor seminar „Haragei“ was organized today. Instructor Dovezenski taught his students how to become aware of the changes in the surroundings, through practicing twelve techniques chosen for this event.

Following below are some statements from the participants about the seminar.
Vladimir A: „I will need more time to „digest“ this seminar. It showed me how little I know about ninjutsu, as a martial method, as a way of thinking and acting, as a strategy, as an art that is strongly connected to nature. At the same time it revealed to me how much potential the man possesses for success and how easily it can be destroyed by ourselves.
The modern society where we live in might facilitate some things, but definitely dulls and destroys the primary functions of our bodies, our spirits and our minds. It takes a lot of effort to understand some things that are a lot more important than the things we currently think are.“
Marko O: „The techniques were on a very high level, but this day and this seminar showed me a new perspective and a way of thinking. I now know  that not everything is in jujutsu, in daken and that these techniques are inseparable part of ninjutsu. Sensei transferred this subject in a way as it should be, so we all can understand it. This is another great indicator that ‘I haven’t learned everything yet’ from him and that there is a lot more to learn. The exercises were excellent, some of them harder, some easier, some completely puzzling, but all of them were extremely fun. I really liked the lecture about the human behavior, his psychology, the ways of living and thinking of the individual. Unfortunately, this cannot be taught in the dojo, as for technical, so as for practical reasons. The atmosphere was great, everyone was positive with a desire for progress, with pure hearts and clear minds. Sensei thanks for this beautiful day and gratitude that you opened another door on our Path!!!“
Risto Ch: „The seminar was fantastic, one of the best that I’ve ever been so far. It wasn’t hard physically, but mentally… I still can’t arrange my impressions. Sensei taught us 12 techniques, 12 wonders from the „depths“ of ninjutsu. Every one of them was extremely interesting and challenging, and with a purpose to learn how we can use our minds, and not our minds use us.“