Certificate for Bujinkan Macedonia from CEED EDU

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In the crowded gala hall of the hotel „Aleksandar Palace“ in Skopje, in front of more than five hundred guests, our dojo „Bujinkan Macedonia“ received a certificate for the shown support and its contribution to the development of the entrepreneurial program for the children and the young in the country.
This kind of acknowledgement by CEED EDU comes after the special one day seminar held in the Hombu Dojo of „Taiyou e no Michi“, where instructor Igor Dovezenski taught the participants about the ways to acquire patience, discipline, to define goals, for the success and failures, as well as the benefits of teamwork. 
On behalf of Bujinkan Macedonia, the award on stage was received by kohai Sanja Simonova, who again met with the children and young who participated the Hombu seminar and for their successful work also received certificates from CEED EDU.