„Bujinkan Macedonia“ on the cover of „Vecher“

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One of the oldest daily papers in our country – „Vecher“, in its weekly issue published a text dedicated to our dojo Bujinkan Macedonia, as well as to our Organization „Taiyou e no Michi“.

In the introduction, the journalist Elizabeta Arsoska is interviewing our outstanding member Sanja Simonova, and here we publish a small part of it:

– It is especially important to never allow ourselves to be the victims of our own carelessness and indifference and to be always ready to protect ourselves from unforeseen situations that could endanger our physical and psychological integrity. As women, we can do so much for ourselves and our surroundings, but unfortunately sometimes we are focused on superficial things. I’m very happy that our club traditionally, eight times in a row organizes the Workshop for Self-defense for Women, that was also held the last weekend. On this event firstly we learn how not to get ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, followed by what are the things that increase the risk of an attack, and lastly how to defend ourselves in case we are attacked. It is really important for as, as women, to have that feeling that regardless of the danger we might get into, we will not give up or surrender, and we will try to defend our life or the lives of our loved ones no matter the cost. This way you gain a priceless skill who cannot be learned in any other way, but through work and sweat, and it will benefit us greatly in our everyday lives, not only when we are subjected to danger, says Sanja.