„Workshop for Self-defense for Women® VIII“ held

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The eight Workshop for Self-defense for Women met the participants’ expectations, and that could easily be seen from their reactions after the event was officially finished.
The news in the media in our country lately frequented with stories of attacks on mothers with their children, and that attracted several members of the gentler sex who were accompanied by their children on this traditional seminar. All this made the atmosphere more pleasant, especially that the ladies were better motivated to learn the self-defense techniques.
During the first day, the instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia, Igor Dovezenski, taught techniques used to defend from various body grips (on the hair, collar, neck…), followed by situations when the victims is tackled to the ground.
The next day the „attacks“ got a new dimension, meaning the combat scenarios that the participants practiced contained situations where the victim is pinned to the wall from the front or from behind, and ways to escape from this position. All this was followed by many details and advice that Dovezenski constantly emphasized, hoping that it would remain engraved in the participants memory for a really long time.
The participants left the seminar with an experience richer and with wonderful memories from this eight in a row traditional Workshop for Self-defense for Women, hoping that the next year’s event would be even more visited.