Second course from „Shinobi Taiso“ Intensive courses held

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Under the leadership of the head of the Organization „Taiyou e no Michi“ – Igor Dovezenski, the past weekend the second course from the Intensive course series for „Shinobi Taiso“ was held. The three students of Bujinkan Macedonia who chose to study this system, this time got to know the exercises and the ways to strengthen the body, also known as Junan Undo.
After the end of the seminar, one of the participants shared her impressions on our internal Forum.
„We finished the second level of Shinobi Taiso. We went through much theory in the past two days, that Sensei explained systematically and in detail all things that interest us as martial arts practitioners, and as future lecturers on the subject.
I understand now that everything we do in the dojo during our regular training sessions makes sense from start to finish, and that Sensei maintains our weekly, monthly, and even yearly fitness balance using this system. We discussed the triangle „training-nutrition-rest“ numerous times, and how to design a training session in order to achieve the wanted results. We also learned how to balance our nutrition so we could see the results, and how much and how to rest, because the muscles are made during training, thanks to the choice of food and the rest time! 
For practice, we went through one isometric training to increase endurance, and afterwards a training session with a hydraulic machine, where we focused our attention to what result you can get by working specific muscles of the body, and how to program the sets and repetitions. In addition, we had a training session where we used our own weight only, and that way of training has a big advantage because you can have it anytime and anywhere.
We finished the seminar with an outdoor training where we practiced with props that offer a great increase for endurance and strength. Here we focused on the correct movement form for the exercises.
At the end I must again say that Hombu dojo is the right place to refresh the body and the spirit. Inside as a museum, outside as a fairy tale. And you couldn’t even imagine the smoothie we drank. You could feel every vitamin and mineral from those natural and organic fruits.“