Great seminar for Nage Waza in the dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia in Skopje

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Another successfull seminar from the winter events series in Bujinkan Macedonia. This time too, the number of participants didn’t go under ten, which means that the members of the Organization „Taiyou e no Michi“ still highly nurture the martial spirit.
During this seminar, the students of the dojo practiced the basic throws that are used in the classical Japanese martial arts, but of course, instructor Igor Dovezenski taught several new techniques that were well received by the participants. Especially effective was the performance of the throw Harai Goshi, that the students accepted easily and in short time learned to implement it.
Further we have yet to improve the Nage Waza techniques, that were always known for their efficiency and practical use in combat with an aggressive opponent that means us harm or physical injury.
For the next week we have scheduled a seminar for combat on the ground (Ne Waza).