Igor Dovezenski held a seminar for Ninpo Ne Waza®

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The leader of Bujinkan Macedonia, Igor Dovezenski, organized another Sunday seminar in the dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia in Skopje. This time the subject was about martial techniques on the ground, i.e. Ne Waza.

Shidoshi Dovezenski selflessly shared his knowledge from this martial system during the event, and the students tirelessly absorbed all the details, while showing a huge degree of interest for the ground fighting combat methods. Most of the attendees were beginners, who approached learning this subject with genuine curiosity, while the experienced veterans gave their best getting the maximum out of them.
Besides the postures and means to control an opponent, Dovezenski taught choking techniques, as well as ways to control an aggressive attacker.
Happy with what they learned, the students at the seminar said that they would love to attend the next seminar dedicated to this subject.