Ninja Kids of Bujinkan Macedonia – guests on the national Macedonian Television

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Yesterday the kids section of Bujinkan Macedonia, the Ninja Kids, nobly presented our dojo on the show „Golem Odmor“ that is emitted daily on MTV1.
Led by the instructors responsible for their training, sempai Todor Angelovski and kohai Taki Gakovski, our youngest members demonstrated the techniques from Sanshin no Kata and the basic grips from Kihon Happo.
Besides the praises from the employees of the national television, during the day we got many mails that expressed support for the kids’ dedication and diligence, as well as compliments for the excellent demonstration of the arts we study at Bujinkan Macedonia.
We believe that the children will continue working as hard, and will readily defend the „colors“ of our dojo.