Enrolment in Bujinkan Macedonia and the beginning of the second semester

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Even though the Dojo for classical Japanese samurai and ninja arts „Bujinkan Macedonia“ accepts new students throughout the year, September is the best time to open a new page in Your life’s story.

We inform all interested that the first class for the beginners is going to take place on 1st September, starting in 20:30 o’clock, while the advanced group continues its work one day later (in 20:00 o’clock).
For those who are not yet acquainted with our work, the dojo was founded on 02nd July, 1995, and for the time being it is the only dojo in our country acknowledged by the chief of Bujinkan, soke Masaaki Hatsumi.
Bujinkan Macedonia is considered to be one of the most dynamic clubs in Europe with numerous and active memberships and with the most organized activities throughout the year.
Within the dojo there are several sections for adults (from 13 to 113 years old), but also for children (from 5 to 12 years old).
Additional information about us on the following link http://hombu.koryu.mk/article/show/474
About the instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia http://hombu.koryu.mk/article/show/478
About the timetable and the location http://hombu.koryu.mk/article/show/492
If You have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us on daito_macedonia@yahoo.com or 077 976 906.