Summer Koryu (Ninja) Camp VII

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The countdown has begun. In a week starts the seventh in a row „Summer Ninja Camp“, this time called International Summer Koryu Camp VII. Besides Igor Dovezenski, this year another teacher will attend, and that is Sergey Babkin from Russia – master for Kukamishin ryu Hyoho and for Katori Shinto ryu Bujutsu.
The camp is taking place from 4th to 12th of August, in the hombu dojo  of the organization „Taiyou e no Michi“, located in the valley under the mountain Lipac. 
Usually, the month august is the only month when the members of Bujinkan Macedonia can rest from the hard training, but some of them give priority to the intensive training even with greater pace in the summer period.
Beside the great intensity, for what our summer camp is known for, we must mention the great company and entertainment, so we invite all, regardless of their style or the degree in any martial art, to take part and get to know our work from up close.
There are several more days to apply.
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