The seminar „Life in the Wilderness II“ held

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After two days of living alongside a river, we can freely say that we’ve become a „river people“. At least that’s the impression the pasrticipants got from the second seminar called „Life in the Wilderness“.

During the event, shidoshi Igor Dovezenski selflessly transmitted his knowledge to the participants that were valienty enough to apply to this seminar, so they gained new knowledge for the techniques meant for survival in larger groups, this time alongside a river and a river bank.
The first day, Dovezenski taught how to choose an appropriate location to live by the river for a longer period od time, while the country is being occupated or in case of a natural disaster. Afterwards, we practiced techniques for supplying and preparing the food, as well as illuminating the surroundings with the help of primitive tools.
Throughout the second day, the leader of Bujinkan Macedonia taught how to supply drinking water if you suspect the water is poluted, and how to catch bigger fish with a knife and the most efficient way to prepare them.

At the end of the seminar all participants were truly grateful for the lessons learned and they pointed out that this was the „tastiest“ of all outdoor events.
For those who are unfamiliar with it, this outdoor seminar was 340th for shidoshi Dovezenski, so his experience is truly great. A big part of the techniques for survival in nature he had learned from his grandfather, who participated in the World War II and was distinguished for several actions, such as freeing the city of Skopje. Thourghout the war and after it, he was a scout, and these techniques helped him to survive in the dangerous situations that he encountered those tough years.