„The Strenght of Yari“ seminar held

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We had a really intensive weekend, with great company and training. Although the weather conditions weren’t so kind on us, that didn’t change our minds to do what we enjoy most.
The traditional Japanese martial arts training began on the Saturday morning, with the study and the repeat of already learned techniques for throwing shuriken. The next day, we had the training spear combat began, known as „The Strenght of Yari“, an event that continuously attracts many members of Bujinkan Macedonia.
The impressions of shidoshi ho Marko Opachikj would give you an idea about how we spent our time there:
– One more in the array of the unforgettable weekend seminars in the Hombu Dojo. The presence itself in such a „temple“, makes You feel separated from all of the problems that you are facing back home, to become one with the surroundings and to calm your mind and body.
The Saturday wasn’t really „fit“ for a training due to the bad weather conditions, but that was an additional test for our stamina, patience, and wittiness. In my opinion those that had their second or third throw of shuriken showed a slight improvement. Sensei transmitted us the whole densho with care, and I was looking forward to the throw where you do a kaiten at the same time.

The evening, as always, was reserved for a discussion with Sensei by the fireplace in Hombu. While he was telling us his experiences of his martial lifestyle, he was stamping the densho that he gave to me, to Zoki, and to Moni. And on an „old Japanese way“, that I saw for the first time in my life. Afterwards, we spread open the makimono of Gyokko ryu (with its length of 30 meters). Inside it contained all postures, kata, and levels. That was a day that you could see, hear, and learn many things. The next day the „madness arrived“. Spear! The weapon that I adore and gave the most effort to of the all outdoor seminars. It is difficult to handle and it requires a lot of trainig and sweat to get the hang of it. The densho for Yari, of all the densho I got from Sensei, carries the biggest meaning for me.
Regarding the Sojutsu training, this year the students had a really good practice and tried their best to overcome the material. They were greatly motivated, nobody gave up, and they definitely liked it, which was showing on their faces. I am happy that there are students that are still coming to the outdoor seminars during the weekends. I would like to mention sempai Zoki, who was correcting the younger every time they made mistakes and weren’t trying enough.