Goshijutsu seminar for Ninpo Ne Waza® successfully held

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Yesterday, with a dojo full with smiles and several scratches and bruises, the seminar Ninpo Ne Waza was successfully held.

Fifteen members of Bujinkan Macedonia participated at this event, and were divided in two groups: beginners and advanced members. While the beginners were practicing the basic techniques for changing positions on the ground, including the basic grips, the advanced members had the opportunity to get to know the techniques for getting free of leg grips, as well as transitioning to a counter attack with a purpose to overcome the opponent as quickly as possible.
As every seminar, the seminar for Ninpo Ne Waza didn’t leave anyone indifferent despite the difficulties that some of the participants encountered, mostly from the rough nature of the system itself. However, as the years pass, the improvement of the students that show the most tenacity and desire to study the Japanese martial arts is more and more noticeable.