Women Self-defense Workshop® VI held

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Although by number the smallest so far, by atmosphere, quality, and content, the sixth in a row „Women Self-defense Workshop“ didn’t fall behind from the previous ones.

The first day of the Workshop was dedicated to techniques for self-defense from an attacker that tries to commit violence and to insert fear, as well as techniques for defense when the victim is taken down to the ground. On the second day, the participants focused more on techniques for getting free from grips on the ground, as well as controlling the opponent that is trying to commit a sexual assault. 
As always, the atmosphere during the Workshop was perfect, and the training was filled with lots of laughter and positive energy. During the breaks, apart from socializing, the participants climbed the near hill known as „Papine Chuke“, where they enjoyed the clean air and the untouched nature that surrounds the Hombu Dojo of the Organization dedicated to the study of Japanese martial arts „Taiyou e no Michi“.