„Nihon no Kankaku“ seminar held

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During the seminar titled „Nihon no Kankaku“, shidoshi Igor Dovezenski tried to transfer some of the kata that he learned from his teacher during his recent trip for imrpovement in Japan. Besides that, he tasked himself with a tranferrance of his experiences acquired during his trip in The Land of The Rising Sun.
The first day of the seminar passed with training of the techniques from the rich heritage of Takamatsu Toshitsugu, that today are a part of the organization „Bujinkan Dojo“. The participants enjoyed the training with sword (katana), staff (bo), dagger (kunai) and weighted chain (kusari fundo).
The night was reserved for a lecture of Japanese culture and tradition, backed with many photos and clips that the instructor of „Taiyou e no Michi“ took in the land of the samurai.
The second day was dedicated to Daito ryu Aikijujutsu, as well as to kata from other classical martial arts that Dovezenski practiced with well-known and renowed Japanese teachers.
Immediately after the seminar some of the participants tried to transfer some of their feelings:
– I can say that this one might have been one of the most complex seminar that I’ve been to in the Hombu Dojo and that required physical and mental stamina. It was filled with many techniques, with and without weapons, and as a bonus we got to experience a new koryu school that sensei trained in Japan. Her kata were as if you dance with your opponent, as a calm water that brings you to the waterfall from which there is no escape.
The Saturday night we had the opportunity to get to know Japan through photos, videos, and kuden.
Definitely an amazing country that has to be visited. (Vladimir A.)
– This is my second seminar in Hombu, and I must say I had a great time. From the kata we trained there was something for everyone. Rough, gentle, or elegant… a for everything else we have the kunai :))) I really love this weapon and it was great that I could refresh my technique with it. I really liked the evening presentation, even though I was tired. Sensei was so into it, that he transferred all of us in Japan for a brief moment. All in all, a great weekend seminar, 10 out of 10, would do it again 😀 (Blagica S.)
– It is completely different to have a training in the dojo in Skopje and in the Hombu Dojo. For these two days we had 12 hours of training + 4 hours interactive presentation of Senseis’ trip to Japan. There were many kata, techniques, weapons, falls and rolls, that you simply get a feeling that you wouldn’t do anything else except training. And there is no other clothing except keiko gi, there is no other place under the Sun for you except the beautiful nature over there, and you don’t need other company except your friends from the dojo.  Trully!
To train with that many sempai is wonderful, I thank all of them for everything they share with us, the younger. There you have as much time as you want to try again and again, to ask some of the elder. Sensei is always with us for a conversation, for training, for joking and laughter 🙂 For those two days you fall and get up over a 1000 times, you get a quality beating (I returned with inflammation of my shoulders and back), but the feeling is amazing, you feel purified physically, mentally, and spiritually, you develop a new apetite for discovering and understanding of the arts, your love and the need for coexistence grows, you strenghten you body and your spirit, you have a great gratitude towards life for that you simply breath, move, live…
I really liked the kunai and the kusari fundo (I tried them for the first time). You can notice your weaknessess where you haven’t paid much attention before. Kamae! Kuzushi! Kiai! The new school opened a different window for us, the tales of Japan were magical, fascinating, but for that there is more to be told!!!
All in all, the concept for the two days was excellent, for me personally the time flew by quickly and I didn’t want to return to Skopje. One of the richest seminars in content with the greatest company! 🙂 (Sanja S.)
– A great seminar, excellent techniques, good times. Each training – three hours, filled with a lot of material. We had the opportunity of seeing some other Koryu schools. I got to know a lot of new weapons. My head knows best from the strike with the bo :))) But it was worth it, it really was. Thank You Sensei for the great techniques and a great weekend (Taki G.)