„Nihon no Kankaku“ seminar

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After his return from Japan, shidoshi Igor Dovezenski is organizing a seminar on subject „Nihon no Kankaku“ (Feeling from Japan). On this seminar, we plan on training techniques that the instructor learned and honed during his stay with the teachers at the Land of the Rising Sun.

Despite the techniques from the schools of Bujinkan and Daito ryu, instructor Dovezenski is going to teach kata from other kobudo ryu-ha that he had practiced during his stay in Japan.

In the evening, photos and videos that the instructor took in the various dojos, museums and temples will be presented, as well as from his visit of the graves of Iizasa Choisai Ienao (the founder of Katori Shinto ryu) and Ono Jiroemon Tadaaki (the founder of Ono ha Itto ryu).

On this seminar everyone is invited, regardless of their title or style they practice.

Date: 11th/12th October (2014)

Location: Taiyou e no Michi – Hombu Dojo

Required equipment: keiko gi and hakama (for yudansha), bokuto (katana and wakizashi), bo, hanbo, kusari fundo (from a rope) and kunai (wooden). In case someone lacks something, he could use the equipment of the dojo.


– first training 10.30-13.30
– second training 17.30-20.30
– video presentation and lecture from 21.00

– first training 09.30-12.30
– second training 15.30-17.30

Applying and information by e-mail, phone or on the Forum.