The first book in Macedonia for classical Japanese martial arts has been published

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On the premises of the winery „Kartal“ in Skopje, yesterday a promotion for the first book in Macedonia dedicated to the classical Japanese martial arts was organized. This event was attended by almost all recent and many of the retired members of Bujinkan Macedonia, or the Organization for teaching traditional Japanese martial schools – Taiyou e no Michi.

The author of the book „Conversation with the students“ is shidoshi Igor Dovezenski, that so far has signed on several books and documentaries in the field of ethnology, but this is a first project that takes the old Japanese martial schools.
The promoter of the „Conversation with the students“ was Aleksandar Vuchkovski, a long-term member of Bujinkan Macedonia and a childhood friend of Dovezenski, that recalled of the beginnings of Taiyou e no Michi, but also gave a brief explanation of the contents of the book. 
During this event the atmosphere was fantastic, and the wine-tasting room, too small to fit all the interested. Several of the students of shidoshi Dovezenski asked him to continue writing books on similar subject in the future.
„This is the first book dedicated to the classical Japanese martial arts in Macedonia. The National University Library St. Clement of Ohrid so far had categorization only for BUDO (modern Japanese martial arts), but now specifically for us a new sub-categorization has been made for BUJUTSU. With this, another page in the Macedonian history was written and the path was opened for other authors. More than twenty years ago, I brought the classical martial arts in Macedonia, but now I am overjoyed when I see that many of my students are ready to continue the tradition and to transfer it to the next generations“, pointed out Dovezenski on the promotion. 
On the occasion of the publishing of the book, many friends of our dojo from the countries around the world congratulated the author, and several of them asked for an English translation of the book as well.