„The Strength of Yari“ seminar succesfully held

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As every year, the seminar „The Strength of Yari“ attracted a lot of attention and students of Bujinkan Macedonia to take participation on this traditional event.
The seminar took place at the already well known location „Slepo Kolo“. The energy that surrounds this place is unbelievable, and the view from the hill Elenac and the mountain Lipac gives additional strength for more dynamic training. 
The event started with lectures about the basic postures of the body, and was followed by practice of the basic strikes and jabs with spear. Next was the training for the kata, and at the end the participants were acquainted with the ways of using combat formations. 
At the end of the seminar, instructor Dovezenski announced that from the next year, those who participated on five seminars for spear (yari), are going to get a copy of his densho, as a reward for the effort and the dedication to the schools of Bujinkan.