Ninpo Ne Waza® seminar

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In the Dojo of classical Japanese martial arts„Bujinkan Macedonia“, great attention is always dedicated to Ne Waza – techniques for combat on the ground. In the arts inherited from Takamatsu, these techniques can be met in Takagi Joshin Ryu and Shinden Fudo Ryu. Many of the katas of these two schools end with strangling techniques and using levers in laying or sitting position.

Popular sports and arts today, such as MMA and BJJ, use these techniques for combat on the ground to win in the rings around the world. In the past, the same techniques were used by the Japanese warriors with purpose to survive the turbulent times and everyday life. In Ninpo Ne Waza, some techniques are still used that are banned in sparring, although are really efficient in situations when the life`s in danger.

Instructor Igor Dovezenski is organizing a seminar for Ninpo Ne Waza, meant only for the members of the organization Taiyou e no Michi, regardless of the degree or arts trained.

Date: 23/24th November 2013

Location: Skopje (in the dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia)

Time: 11:00 – 15:00 (Saturday and Sunday)


– Ninpo Ne Waza no Kiso (Saturday)
– Ninpo Ne Waza no Jokyuu (Sunday)

Seminar fee: symbolic 300 denars (for both days)

* The means gathered from the seminar will be donated. At least 10 participants should apply for this seminar to be held.

More information for Ninpo Ne Waza —> here