Women Self-defense Workshop® V

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At the beginning of 2008, the Organization for teaching Japanese martial arts Taiyou e no Michi, for the first time in Macedonia organized a women self-defense workshop. Since then, many clubs tried to organize similar events, although the quality and the dedication we achieved remained unreachable.

This year, on 26/27th October, the fifth in a row Workshop is going to be held, titled: „Women against the violence“.

Although this event is primarily organized for our female members, all those who belong to the gentler sex are welcomed too, regardless of their age and level of knowledge.

Required equipment: sweatpants and a t-shirt (without zippers and buttons). It is trained on mats (barefoot). A free stay in the dojo for all the participants is provided.

Date: 26/27th October, 2013

Location: Taiyou e no Michi – Hombu Dojo

Additional information: 077 976 906 or by e-mail: daito_macedonia@yahoo.com