Accepting new members in September in Bujinkan Macedonia

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17082013031818Reklama876.jpgThe School of Japanese traditional martial arts, Bujinkan Macedonia, from the second of September starts with the enrollment of new members.

The trainings are held in Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, under the guidance of good instructors with several years of experience and licensed directly from the leader of the international organization Bujinkan Dojo, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.

We inform the public, that in recent times in the Republic of Macedonia, a lot of fake clubs have appeared that claim that they teach the arts of Bujinkan. Before you start training in some of them, always ask the instructor to show You his license (shidoshi menkyo) for teaching, the diploma for 5th dan, as well as the annual membership card of the organization. You can search the Internet and see what they look like. Without those documents, no one can open a ninjutsu dojo and to use the name of the organization Bujinkan. Every excuse for the lack of the documents mentioned, represents an attempt of the „instructor“ to deceive You and to get away from the truth.

The School of martial arts Bujinkan Macedonia is the only representative in our country for Bujinkan (Ninjutsu), and the dojo works continuously since 1995. Instructor Igor Dovezenski (shidoshi) is the only licensed teacher with 25 years of experience in classical Japanese martial arts, and collaborates and is a member in several renown koryu organizations.

Beside the titles in Bujinkan, shidoshi Dovezenski is a carrier of degrees in Daito ryu Aikijujutsu (shidoin), and recently he started researching the oldest Japanese martial school – Katori Shinto ryu Bujutsu.

Even though new members can apply through out the year, it is best to start with training in September, because at that time a beginner group is formed.

All future members can get more information by our e-mail: or by phone: 071 277 457.

We`re expecting You.