Summer Ninja Camp V held

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Nine days of the fifth in a row15082013042849Grupna%20Fotka1.jpg Summer Ninja Camp will be remembered after the fanatic training and the fun we had together, organized by the School of classical Japanese martial arts Bujinkan Macedonia.

This time too, instead of a report, You can read some of the impressions of the participants:

– I am pleasantly surprised by the camp and its activities. A lot of things left me great impressions, but I will mention the expedition through the river, the night actions and the last night spent with laughter. Also, great „positive“ impression was left by one boken on my head. I liked the school we learned a lot, and the knowledge will come in handy for my next test for 9th kyu. (Taki G.)

– Every day was really good and positive. I can’t even describe the night trainings, which were exceptionally good, and also, the waterfall at the dam and the bathing in the river left me with great impressions. The last night was great, especially the corn on the barbecue, the laughter, the beer and the good time spent together. (Mihail D.)

– This is my 5th camp and at all of them I had a great time. But this was my most successful. I did my best and trained with maximal 100%. The food was great as always, and following that satisfying trips to the toilet. Thank you  Sensei for the motivation, selflessness during the lectures and the lessons and support. Gratitude to all that went out of their way to keep our bellies full. See you next year!!! (Toshe A.)

– This was my first camp, but definitely not the last one. I spent nine unforgettable days and discovered a lot new things in life. The trainings were great, the school was perfect, and most interesting to me were the night actions. The food was unbelievably delicious and I waited every meal with all my heart. For the last night I have no words… relaxing near the fire with roasted corn and beer under the open starry sky under Lipac. Perfect!!!
At the end, a big thanks to You Sensei for the support, and mostly for the critique that you wrote me on a little piece of paper. I hope I will not disappoint you. (Dragana L.)