„The Last battle“ took place

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29072013063048pre1.jpgWe survived the final battle with Nature and with that we put an end to one beautiful befriending and getting to know each other. We’ve put an end to one extreme testing for which the next generations of our dojo will talk about.

Seven years in a row, the warriors of Bujinkan Macedonia put to test their endurance and persistence through unseen feat, known as „Survival in nature“. But, as all good things come to an end, we finished this journey.

Fortunately successful again!

This weekend, for the last time, eleven members of the dojo took part in the „last battle“ with the nature and with themselves. Eight of them managed to „survive“ and to win the battle with their minds and bodies. Three of the participants despite their great desire, failed to withstand the golgotha under the hot sun. Their bodies gave away and they had to quit sooner.

The seminar started in 08.00 o`clock on Saturday, when the group went for the place called S`mkneno. It’s a natural landslide located between two almost bare hills, where there’s no shadow or protection from the hot sun. The whole terrain abounds with sand, pebbles and rocks, and the environment itself is tempting only for several species of insects and wild animals.

Since the arrival, the training and setting the camp was immediately started that went on simultaneously until 23.00 o`clock, with purpose not to let the negative thoughts prevail, and at the same time the body and spirit to be held under great pressure.
The first day of the seminar, two participants quit. The hard training and the high temperature, which was 37 degrees Celsius, and the dehydration due to the small amounts of water allowed for drinking took its tool. They had pressure in the chest followed by stong heartbeat, uncontrolled sweating and heart rhythm disorder.

The night went well, with guarding and29072013063057prez2.jpg three hours of sleep, which is the only rest where complete sitting or lying is allowed.

On Sunday at 05.00 o`clock before sunrise, the warriors already awake headed to the nearby hill where kenjutsu training started. Around 05.30 o`clock, the participants greeted the sunrise, and then continued with the training. At 09.00 o`clock, they started with meditation in the bed of the dried waterfall, and then with strong march the group headed to the place „Stari Lozja“, where the usual activities continued.

The second day the temperature was lower for one degree (36 Celsius), but the fatigue was visibly greater, so another member had to quit because of a sunstroke that started to cause problems with the orientation, and afterwards caused great headache followed but vomiting.

At 16.00 o`clock, the leader of Bujinkan Macedonia announced the end of the seminar, and soon after the participants returned to the starting point where they got water and fruit to regain their strength.

So, this great event for Bujinkan Macedonia ended, which we organized for seven years in a row and we will remember it with great pleasure and pride.

To all participants who „survived“, we congratulate them that became part of the history of the dojo, and to the others that quit, we also congratulate for the shown courage to take part in the event.

Ninpo Ikkan!!!