Survival in nature® VII (The Last Battle)

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04072013134947183316_411856425543813_607We’ve reached the end. We came to the last seminar (seventh in a row) „Survival in nature“ that is held by the organization Taiyou e no Michi and Bujinkan Macedonia.

Last year shidoshi Igor Dovezenski announced in front of the participants of the event that he no longer has intention to organize a seminar on which the same students appear, and are already proven. He mentioned that in the last couple of years he sees no reason to organize an event where the younger students doesn’t see a challenge or have the courage to participate. This way, according to instructor Dovezenski, the seminar is going to be preserved in the memories as something unachievable for the most „common people“.

What is this all about? Seven years ago, Dovezenski created the seminar titled „Survival in nature“ where the members of Bujinkan Macedonia could test their will power and endurance to their limits. As the years passed, every year the standards and the challenges were greater, but at the same time fewer students applied for participation. In the last two-three years, only a small group of members remained consequent and fearlessly entered this adventure (and mostly) successfully overcame it.

Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski always said that Budo can be practiced everywhere and by everyone. The safety that is given by the atmosphere in the dojo doesn`t allow everyone to be called a warrior. And most importantly, Dovezenski always said that ninjutsu can be practiced only with a close contact with nature and through testing the endurance (physical and mental) to the limits.

Well, this is the last chance for it:

For the brave, for the valiant.

Two hellish days, far from civilization, without food and only liter and a half water, without additional clothing and hygienic means. Two days of training, meditation and raw survival.

Location: S`mkneno (26 km from the nearest town and hospital / desert alike conditions)

Date: 27 and 28 July, 2013
Last date for announcing participation is 18 July, so the weather conditions cannot be calculated.

Departure: 07:00 o’clock (Saturday)

Return: only God knows

Read carefully and thoroughly!!!

Macedonia is known for its hellish summer temperatures caused by the so called „African waves“. It is hottest in the last days of July, when the temperature reaches over 45 degrees Celsius, and the UV index is on its maximum.

Before the seminar, each participant should take care of any medical examinations required and get a written or oral permission from their physician about their physical and mental health and readiness to undertake a two day extreme strain (under the hot summer sun), without food and water, along with hard training sessions and only three hours of sleep.

Every participant comes voluntarily on this seminar and bears04072013120711Prezivuvanje9876pp9p.jpg the possible consequences on his health or life!

The event is open to everyone and all of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia (foreigners too) above the age of 18 can attend.

Allowed equipment: sleeping bag, tent wing, military
uniform (pants and shirt), one t-shirt, a cap, one pair of underpants (wide), one pair of socks, rope, a knife and a bottle of a liter and a half (empty).

Important: it is forbidden to carry food, water or anything else not mentioned above. Before we depart, there is a mandatory check-up.

Most important: this seminar is only meant for tough guys and girls. The training conditions will be exceptionally hard with an iron discipline. Those that do not feel psycho-physically ready to `enter the hell` and are not ready to kill their own ego –  we would ask them not to come to this seminar. Consider that the air temperature might rise above 45 degrees Celsius. It is forbidden to sit on your behind during the seminar (both days), or lying down on all four extremities. Only three hours of sleep, constant training for the remaining time.

It is forbidden to make excuses, whine or anything similar during the seminar.

Clarification: Quantity of water allowed for drinking during the two days: 1.5 liters.
We’ve heard several times so far that „since liter and a half of water is allowed, it is not that scary“.
We should make this clearer to You, that quantity of water, under the hot sun, is lost in the first couple of hours in training. The liquids from Your body evaporate through sweating, breathing and talking. You will constantly have activities during the two days that will make you sweat, while you mustn’t sit and for a moment rest. There are no shadows, no additional quantities of water. Think well!!!

We’ll see each other soon in the „hole“.