Iaijutsu seminar held

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Even though this seminar was initially announced as an outdoor one, it was held in the Hombu Dojo of the School for martial arts Taiyou e no Michi.

The reason for this was the rain during the day and the danger of having our katana used for training wet and damaged by rust.

During the seminar, the students had the opportunity of learning three ways of drawing the samurai sword (nuki uchi), as well as four ways of cleaning the sword during combat (chiburui).

Additionally, we trained ways of striking with the katana as well as nine combat scenarios (kata).

On this seminar, shidoshi Igor Dovezenski tried his best to transmit all of the secrets of quick and efficient sword drawing and using the same moving to strike. The students showed great amount of concentration, and their dedication added towards their full understanding of the techniques of this traditional Japanese martial art.