Nage Waza seminar held in Skopje this weekend

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18022013044803Nagevza.jpgShidoshi Igor Dovezenski, held a seminar about Nage Waza (throwing techniques) yesterday.
We pass the impressions of shidoshi ho Marko Opachikj, published right after the event on our private forum:

-„I thank Sensei for holding such a great seminar and selflessly sharing his knowledge. He succeeded in satisfying every taste and it was obvious that every student enjoyed during the four hours. The tempo didn`t deflate and the wish to practice more and more was great with everyone – from shoshinsha to sempai.  
The seminar ended without any injuries, and what`s most important the rolling techniques were learned in fine detail. There was everything that can be found in Nage Waza: sutemi, otoshi, kaiten and all of it wrapped-up in a couple of hours which passed real fast.
The beginners that had the opportunity of participating in this seminar saw how proper training is done and see where their own knowledge stands. I consider this was a great motivation for them to continue with their hard work.“