Report for 2012

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These past years, the yearly reports for our organization were showing constant progress and development. This year, although generally was really successful, for the first time we can say that we are not one hundred percent satisfied with the results.

Lets start with the international seminars.

29122012182755mario.jpgWe organized and invited only one master world wide known to teach in our dojo. He was Mario De Mol from Belgium, highest rank in the organization Jinenkan. Although we are member to the organization Bujinkan, we are open and we have the desire to cooperate and exchange experience with all quality budoka who have the capacity and the knowledge.
Furthermore, Mario De Mol is a special story. He is a personal friend of the leader of Bujinkan Macedonia, shidoshi Igor Dovezenski, with whom a day does not pass without a contact and sharing of opinions on a specific subject. The technique of Mario is on a really high level, which is additional motivation in any time to invite this master to hold a seminar in our country.

Regarding the domestic seminars, in 2012 we organized and held in total 12. Six were outdoor seminars, while the other six were held in the dojo. Of those, on 11 was teaching shidoshi Dovezenski, while on one were teaching the assistants Marjan Proshev and Marko Opachikj. Shidoshi ho Proshev, together with kohai Maja Ilievska, held a lecture for the first graders in the Elementary School „Ljuben Lape“, with subject: Classical Japanese samurai and ninja schools. The kids voted their lecture as the best of the school year.

The greatest success of 2012 is the finish of29122012182810293298_404730226256433_159 the Hombu Dojo under Lipac and his opening. With hard work and a lot of effort and sacrifice, we finished it for a record 13 months. In the dojo we have additional intensive trainings almost every weekend.

The section of Daito ryu Aikibudo, which works under the protection of the European Daito Organization (European Daito Kai), has grown into a dojo equal to the other members. As you already know, in Taiyou e no Michi, besides the arts of Bujinkan, other schools are being nurtured too. Daito ryu Aikijujutsu and Ono ha Itto ryu Kenjutsu (Takeda den) are one of them and we are happy to be the only organization in South-eastern Europe where this Japanese classical arts can be learned.

The internal subject in Bujinkan Macedonia was Shinden Fudo ryu Taijutsu. We „passed“ all katas from all levels and we really enjoyed in the techniques of this school.
In 2013, we will focus on Gjokko ryu Koshijutsu, as well as on Jutte and Tessen Jutsu.

In august, we held our far famous Summer Ninja Camp, with 22 participants from our country and abroad. The time spent on the camp stays forever engraved in the memories, and the knowledge gotten there is priceless.

The public interest remains huge for our work, but we furthermore decline all the invites for participation in the media. We prove our quality in the dojo and we have no need for public exhibition.
29122012182828shibu.jpgAt the end of the year, Bujinkan Macedonia prepared for work another dojo in Skopje. It is located in the premises of „Rudarski Institut“ in the municipality Aerodrom, and the first training is set for 4th of January (2013). The dojo is arranged and meet any standard and the conditions in it are really great.

In the section in Taftalidze there are currently practicing fifteen students. From now on, responsible for the work of this branch will be sempai Anton Perchinkov (1st kyu).

The section in Gradsko, unfortunately, had to be closed. The reason behind it, is that our student, who managed this section, was called to work in the special police units of MIA. We wish him happiness and success in the job.

On the yesterdays` testing for student kyu`s, our members showed tremendous progress. From the advance group, Anton Perchinkov got 1st kyu, and Miron Cali got 2nd kyu. In the main dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia participate approximately 30 students.

Then, where did we disappoint?

This year we „lost“ some of the older students. Some of the left for personal reasons, and some were exhausted of the many years hard training. With all of them we have continual contact and we nurture the friendship. We wish for them to gather strength and to continue the trainings in the dojo, and the door for them will be always open. Exactly this loss we count as a bad score and unrealized purpose. When you invest effort for years to raise the level of the student in every possible way, it is not all the same when you hear that he is leaving.
But, that is a part of life. One are leaving, others are coming, and those who are staying share every moment of the Path.