New dojo in Skopje municipality Aerodrom

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19122012053428Rudarski.jpgThe school of classical Japanese martial arts Bujinkan Macedonia, opened another dojo in one of the Skopje municipalities, Aerodrom. A few sections are going to be working there, and the first training is on 03.01.2013.

In the new dojo, for the first time a special group will be opened only for children from 6 to 12 years of age. We believe that the kids are the greatest treasure of our country and and the healthy youth will bring prosperity to the future generations of our people.

Along with this one, sections for Shinobi Taiso (techniques for strengthening the body) are going to work too, as well as sections for adults where classical Japanese samurai and ninja arts will be trained.

The dojo is located in the premises of „Rudarski Institut“ (next to `Vero`) and all requirements for keeping trainings are met, as to the weekend workshops to particular subjects.

Before you decide to become our members, please read some facts, and think if Bujinkan Macedonia is the right place for You.

Our dojo (school) is founded in 1995 by shidoshi (teacher) Igor Dovezenski, the only acknowledged instructor here by the international organization Bujinkan Dojo and its soke (chief) Masaaki Hatsumi. Shidoshi Dovezenski had taken test for godan (5th dan) in front of 20 shihans (master from the highest rank) and is the first and only Macedonian in the world who carries this high acknowledgement. He has menkyo (license) that allows him to manage the only dojo for classical samurai and ninja arts in Macedonia.

Bujinkan Macedonia is one of the greatest and most dynamical Bujinkan clubs in the whole world. We agree that the quality is more important than quantity, but also assured that the quality inevitable brings quantity. The full dojo is just a confirmation for the great knowledge and the progress that is acquired here.

If you are ready for a change, start the new 2013 with a training of classical Japanese samurai and ninja arts. All interested have to inform their presence by e-mail or the phones: 071 277 457 or 077 976 906.

The timetable of the training you can see here.
Useful information about the training – here.