Jissen Heiho® seminar held

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121120120742422.jpgInstructor Igor Dovezenski this weekend promoted the system Jissen Heiho (Real combat strategies), which attracted great interest from the members of Bujinkan Macedonia.
The two-day training was located in the Hombu Dojo of the organization Taiyou e no Michi, with participation of ten students.

Instead of a report for the event, we are going to write down some of the impressions of the participants, which were published in the formal Forum of Taiyou e no Michi.

„The spot that was missing is exactly Jissen Heiho. At least I felt that way, after what I saw and heard.
From valid reasons I was the only one who didn’t train, but believe me I enjoyed, even though I felt like crying, sitting next to the fireplace.
The kamae has a combat, aggressive stance. The trainings were hard, dynamic, good for the eye, and even 121120120743024.jpgfor the body. The students `slapped` each other nicely, they didn’t give up until the last moment, sacrificed themselves and pushed their maximum. They were happy and content, even though they had bruises everywhere. Their condition increased even more, because Jissen Heiho is like that – dynamic, fast, aggressive. Regarding the content, every strike and technique, Sensei explained it in detail. What was the reason to `insert` it, where it comes from and when it`s used. Everything has a reason. Nothing is done by accident or by memorization. That helped a lot to the students to better understand Jissen Heiho. I asked Sensei whether he planned to `insert` this to the trainings in Skopje? He answered: „NO, this is only for those who want more, who want to better themselves on this field. I am instructor for koryu, and it shall remain like that. This is only enrichment.“
I recommend Jissen Heiho, it will complete you as a fighter. In every way.“ – Marko O.

„Jissen Heiho is fun to the `bones`! Those five minutes of randori feel like an eternity and exhaust you as physically and mentally as one training in the dojo, but the feeling afterwards is FANTASTIC!
Two days with great company, a lot of `fighting` and laughter, far from the city and the problems. From the head, to the legs, I think there is no part of my body that is not aching, but the feeling is great.“ – Miron C.121120120742563.jpg

„It is good that my fingers don’t hurt, so I can type on the keyboard, after the seminar Jissen Heiho!
This is my first seminar in the Hombu Dojo and I have many impressions.
The technique that Sensei has `put together` is a lot different from what we train on the regular trainings. Even though the strikes are contained in koryu, the stances, the dynamics and the condition that is requires is something new.
We acquainted ourselves with part of the basics of Jissen Heiho and I think that it will get even more fun afterwards, but I’m not so sure about that, we haven’t even tried a real sparring yet :).
Fantastic training and weekend too with fantastic fighters.“ – Vlado A.

After the finish of the two-day training, by request of the students, it was arranged every second weekend in the month to be reserved for Jissen Heiho.