Jissen Heiho® seminar: Introduction

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05112012043318Jissen-Heiho.jpg Jissen (実戦) is combat. Heiho (兵法) means strategy.

Jissen Heiho is a combat strategy developed by
Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski with purpose to adjust the
traditional Japanese martial arts to the time we live in.

Jissen Heiho is not an art!!!

Shidoshi Dovezenski never had, nor will have any desire to create arts, nor to proclaim as their founder. He never doubted the practicality of koryu arts. Quite contrary, he believes that the traditional martial arts are the best way to protect ourselves and the others.

Why then the need of Jissen Heiho?

„Jissen Heiho is a self-defense system, in which the most practical techniques of all traditional martial arts, that I have studied and trained to this day, are incorporated. I didn’t invent anything new, nor I have the need to do such thing. According to me, koryu offers everything that is needed to one individual to defend himself effectively. I just want to gather all my experience on one place and to adjust it to the modern age. Today, in front of the judicature authorities is really hard to prove what self-defense is. The way of combat is changing, really unfair and dirty tricks are used. The combat is changing under the influence of the modern mixed martial arts (MMA). In these conditions it was about time a system to be developed which rely on koryu techniques and which will allow defense prepared in the shortest time.
I repeat, the foundation of Jissen Heiho is nothing else than the best of koryu. Jissen Heiho was born from koryu. Jissen Heiho is koryu.
Without training koryu it is not possible to train Jissen Heiho.“

During the training, safety gear is used to reduce the injuries.

The training is divided on:
– Shinobi Taiso® (conditioning the body, traditional and modern methods)
– Dakentaijutsu (positions, strikes and blocks)
– Jutaijutsu (grips, throws, strangleling, control)
– Ninpo Ne Waza® (combat on the ground)

Controlled free fight (randori) and Atemi no Tanren (conditioning the striking areas) is practiced too.

The training looks like a combination from of old „old school“ way of training in Bujinkan, but with implementation of new methods and techniques.


Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski does not „run away“ from the so called Takamatsu-den traditions, from the schools that are studied in Bujinkan, nor from the teachings of soke Masaaki Hatsumi. As always, the basics of his training is consisted of the knowledge acquired in Bujinkan. All those who trained in his dojo know that there are practiced strictly koryu arts and that rarely anyone pays that much attention to the details of the schools.

Jissen Heiho is just a way of training to practically implement the knowledge learned. As a matter of fact, as Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski likes to address those „worried“: „this is just one of the internal ways to `beat` each other honestly and to sweat our bottoms.
Jissen Heiho is strategy, it is not an art. Koryu is always our imperative!!!“

P.S. The training in the dojo in Skopje, as well as in the sections, remains the same – training the classical Japanese martial schools on the traditional way.
Jissen Heiho is going to be practiced every second weekend in the month in the Hombu Dojo and the participation to the classes will be voluntary.

Date: 10/11.11.2012

Location: Taiyou e no Michi – Hombu Dojo