„The Path of Shugenja ® VI“ seminar held

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240920120317207895.jpgFive of the veterans and one beginner of Bujinkan Macedonia, this year participated on the spiritual journey called The Path of Shugenja.

According to the measurement based on an old army map, during the previous day we walked approximately 45 kilometres. For that we needed ten and a half hours.
As every year, we chose unknown terrain, and during its conquering we relied on our sense of orientation, the sun and the army map.

The journey began around 08:00 hours with the climbing of Lipac from his north-western side. The first barrier emerged while we were going over the top Kula, because of the high steepness which was almost as a vertical line.
Afterwards we continued south and after an hour of walking we reached Pezovo.
From there, we changed the direction to east and moving towards the eastern part of K`shanje, we entered the area of Tatomir. Before entering the village, we „cut“ to north and moving between Shopsko Rudare and Konjuh we encountered a beautiful canyon (which we used as a path which carried us to the starting point). After two hours breaching the impassable rocks we arrived to Kriva Reka, and afterwards everything was easier.

As every year, during the Path 240920120317429485.jpgwe had an opportunity to enjoy the remarkable landscapes which are breathtaking. We saw places that weren’t touched by a human being for years, we encountered species of plants and animals unknown to us, canyons and streams, springs and old fountains.

In Bujinkan Macedonia we often use the term „saloon ninjas“ as a joke. That term refers to the constant training in the dojo, without using the arts outdoors, on unfamiliar terrain, without facing the danger of the unknown.

At the end, congratulations to the veterans who walked the Path of Shugenja for 2012 without problems, but also to the beginner who had the courage to apply for this seminar. Although he had crisis and difficulties at some times, he finished the seminar successfully.