The Path of Shugenja ® VI

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The warriors of the traditional Japanese martial arts dojo, Bujinkan Macedonia, for the sixth time are going on the spiritual journey called „The Path of Shugenja“.

This time, we will pass the mountain Mangovica, but the route will be a lot longer than the previous years` routes. The route`s width is 23 kilometers.

Shugendo is an ancient Japanese method which explores the relations between the human being and nature. Shugendo means „The Way of training and testing“, in other words it is an ascetic discipline whose goal is to achieve self-improvement through withdrawal on mountains, meditation under waterfalls and cold rivers, breathing exercises on hard to reach terrains, all to achieve incredible deeds through testing one`s physical and mental stamina. Those who practice this method are known as Shugenja, and the teaching is still practiced in Japan to this day.

As the founder of this teaching is considered En no Gyoja, who lived near Kyoto in the 7th century A.D. The other name this followers were known under was Yamabushi or Mountain Warriors. They walked the mountains on the Japanese islands visiting and protecting numerous temples. Some scholars believe that exactly these people, who joined the Chinese refugee generals after the fall of the  Tang dynasty, are considered to be the founders of the art Ninjutsu.

Theme: The Path of Shugenja / Spiritual journey

Date: 23rd September, 2012 (Sunday)

Location: Lipac – Mangovica – Lipac

07.00 hours – departure from Skopje
08.00 hours – arrival and start of the march
Return – only God knows!

Equipment: Take everything you want. Everything is on your responsibility and conscience.

P.S. We may encounter wild animals, rain, storm and other unpredicted things. Everyone comes at his own risk.

* Before you apply, check the information on our web-site from the previous years.