The first koryu dojo in Macedonia open for training

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27082012155023dojo.jpgDear students, relatives and friends,

allow me to use the web-page of our
organization and to share with You some good news.

The dream came true.

We built the first traditional Japanese dojo in Macedonia, but also on the Balkans. We built it ourselves, from the foundation, without anyones` help, on our land and by our means. We built our dream, desired years ago, to have our dojo in which the trainings and the seminars will be organized as we please and as we wish them to be.

It wasn’t easy. I`ve put on mortgage everything I have. I am indebted for the next 20 years.
But that doesn’t matter anymore. Bad moments, suffering and sacrifice are just a way to achieve your goal. Now, when it is achieved, what remains is to look ahead. In the future.

The dojo is built in ecologically clean environment, 60 kilometers from Skopje. Materials are used which comply with the highest standards for construction. It consists of 100 m2 area for training on the ground floor (with tatami) and 100 m2 for accommodation on the first floor.
The yard around the dojo is completely tidied up, and around it a few auxiliary training areas are located.

In the Hombu Dojo of the organization „Taiyou e no Michi“, regular trainings will be held every weekend. All our members and friends are welcomed.

As you already know, the organization „Taiyou e no Michi“ is the founder of the dojos of Bujinkan Macedonia (in 1995) and Daito ryu Macedonia Koryu Dojo (in 2010).

These days a new web-site of ours will begin functioning at All interested can follow the news there regarding the work of the Hombu.

The clubs in Skopje continue working on the same locations with the same hours.

If there are interested parties, the Hombu Dojo is27082012155035vnatre.jpg ready to organize special training for athletes and contestants who want to improve their psychological and physical readiness in short time (during those days we will be working as a training camp).

The first official training in the Hombu will be on 1st of September, 2012.

Welcome to the first traditional dojo for traditional Japanese martial arts.
Welcome to the first koryu dojo in Macedonia.

Moving forward.


Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski

Note: since the building started, until the opening, exactly 13 months have passed.