Survival in wilderness® VI

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12072012033525dhfgf.jpgMacedonia is known for the hellish summer temperatures caused by the so called „African heat waves“. It is hottest in the last days of July, when the temperature rises up above 45 degrees Celsius, and the sun radiation index is on maximum level. This is the perfect time for the warriors of Bujinkan Macedonia to test their physical and mental endurance.

We do this every year, and to be part of this event is a privilege reserved to a few members of our dojo.

For the brave, for the valiant… Two hellish days, far from civilization, without food and only liter and a half water, without additional clothing and hygienic means. Two days of training, meditation and raw survival.

Location: S`mkneno (26 km from the nearest town and hospital / desert alike conditions)

Date: 28 and 29 July, 2012
Departure: Saturday at 07.00
Return: only God knows

Read carefully!!!

Before the seminar, each participant should take care of any medical examinations required and get a written or oral permission from their physician about their physical and mental health and readiness to undertake a two day extreme strain without food and water, along with hard training sessions and only three hours of sleep. Every potential participant comes at their own responsibility about the eventual consequences on his health or life!

The event is open to everyone, and every citizen of the Republic of Macedonia above the age of 18 can attend.

Allowed equipment: sleeping bag, tent wing, military
uniform (worn, pants and shirt), one t-shirt, a cap, one pair of underpants (wide), one pair of socks, rope, a knife and a bottle of a liter and a half (empty).

Important: it is forbidden to carry food, water or anything else not mentioned above. Before we depart, there will be a checkup.

Most important: this seminar is only meant for tough guys and girls. The training conditions will be exceptionally hard with an iron discipline. Those that do not feel psycho-physically ready to `enter hell` –  we would ask you not to come to this seminar. Allowed drinking water for both days: 1.5 liters. Consider that the air temperature might rise above 45 degrees Celsius. It is forbidden to sit on your behind during the seminar (both days), or lying down on all four extremities. Only three hours of sleep, constant training for the remaining time.

It is forbidden to make excuses, whine or anything similar during the seminar.

P.S. The survival in nature doesn’t look as fun as on the satelite tv series. There are no cameras, no team who will support you, no doctors and no helicopters and comfortable hotels after the shooting. The real survival is completely different from the fancy series on TV.