Kyu testing

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01072012171513yhb.jpgOn Friday, in the dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia in Skopje testing for student (kyu) degrees was held.

From mukyu (without a kyu) to 10th kyu transited the students Damjan D., Nina G., Kristijan J. and Darko P.

For 8th kyu passed Elena A. and Mihail D., while for 6th kyu the students Monika Sh. and Stefani G.

The 4th kyu was passed by Tina D., Katerina D., Filip A. and Todor A., and the 2nd kyu by Darko B., Blagica S. and Anton P., who gained the title „sempai“ (older students).

At the end of the testing all the students were not only pointed out their mistakes during the demonstration of the techniques, but the whole progress during the last six months. So, from now on adequate progress is expected of them which corresponds with the advice and the points given.
The next kyu testing is going to be in December.