The seminar „Kenjutsu under the stars of Lipac“ held

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11062012033807Ken_lipac876.jpgThe heat wave that caught our country and the temperature above 34 degrees celsius in the shadows did not hesitated the warriors of Taiyou e no michi to give their best during the two-day seminar for Ono ha Itto ryu Kenjustu (Takeda den).

On this seminar, which every year is being attended in honor of sensei Certa, participation took 13 members of our dojo. During the two days, it was trained for six hours, and the remaining time was used for hanging out and conversations related to the traditional martial arts.

On Saturday, despite the repetition of the material, more time 11062012033818Ken_lipac887.jpgwas devoted to the technique do uchi, while on Sunday we concentrated on the technique yokomen uchi.
For the Saturday`s dinner, as every year, beans with dry ribs were cooked in a kettle, on traditional Macedonian way. We were sleeping in bags under the stars of Lipac, more precise on the top of the hill Elenac. The awaking during the sunrise was incredible, and the gold reflection of the sun gave the river in the valley magical charm.

Having this seminar, helped instructor Dovezenski and his students to write another page of the history of the dojo.
To the end of the summer one outdoor seminar remains.