Kenjutsu under the stars of Lipac

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The school of classical Japanese martial arts Taiyou e no16052012045746Ken_Lipac9u9h.jpg Michi, beside the schools of Bujinkan, also nurtures other koryu arts, among them Ono ha Itto ryu Kenjutsu (Takeda den). We are members of the organization Daito Ryu Aikibudo Daito Kai, led by sensei Antonino Cherta, the only nonjapanese shihan for Daito ryu Aikijujutsu. Therefore, in his honor, every year we keep this traditional seminar named: „Kenjutsu under the stars of Lipac“.

The school Ono ha Itto ryu was mandatory for the members of the powerful samurai clan Takeda. The legendary warrior Sokaku Takeda, also known as the last samurai, had gotten a menkyo kaiden (license for acquired knowledge) for this kenjutsu ryu ha.

This is what we eagerly awaited for months. Two-day outdoor training, on the top of the legendary mountain Lipac. During the day, three trainings will be held, and the evening will be reserved for hanging out around the fire, followed by tasty beans and several beers.

Date: 09/10 June, 2012 (departure from Skopje at 07.00)

Location: under the stars of the mountain Lipac

Equipment: tent (those that have), sleeping bag, keiko gi, kyahani or tall socks (against the ticks), bokuto (you can take a spare one), food and water.

For additional information you can reach us by phone.

The seminar is open for everyone, beside the style or the art.

If you need equipment, freely contact us.

This event will be held no matter of the weather conditions.