Seminar „The strenght of yari – advantages and disadvantages“ held

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14052012043711jari764568.jpgThe seminar devoted to the art of spear combat (sojutsu) proved that the regular training and dedication bring great results. The progress of the members who every year visit this seminar was obvious, and their technique of handling a spear is constantly getting better.

The event was held on the hill Orljak, on the location called Slepo Kolo, and several members of Bujinkan Macedonia attended. The seminar started with repeating the basic techniques of attack with yari (spear) which at first were practiced with imaginary opponent, and afterwards with a partner. The instructor Igor Dovezenski continuously was trying to explain to his students the advantages, as well as the disadvantages of the spear. Details were shown not only regarding the technique, but also for using the principles of long weapons such as the spear.

In the end, every student had the opportunity to show what they learned through a demonstration of the technique, concerning the direction of movement, with goal of improving their practice of the art.

We should mention that during the seminar, the whole day, the wind was blowing at us brutally, but that didn’t make us change our belief that the warrior should always be prepared for defense, no matter of the weather conditions.