International seminar with Mario De Mol held

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24042012033920986rt7.jpgFive days of incredible time with Mario De Mol. Five days filled with trainings, friendship and laughter. Five days hiking mountains, streams, visiting churches, monasteries and national restaurants. Five days which will be forever remembered.

On this seminar over twenty students of our dojo took part, as well as the representative of Jinenkan Germany, Oliver Fuchs. Several techniques from Kenjutsu and Tantojustu were trained, in which we greatly enjoyed. Mario`s knowledge is immense, and his skill is incredible. He completely justified the trust of his teacher Fumio (Unsui) Manaka to carry the highest dan in the organization Jinenkan.

For the quality of the seminar there is nothing to be said, for it could only be felt by attending. Once again we have proven that being a part of other organizations is not an obstacle for collaboration, as long as the training is done on the right way: vigorously, sincerely and with devotion.

Once again gratitude to Mario De Mol for all that time spend together and the selfless help during the transmission of the knowledge from the area of martial arts.