Seminar for Shinken gata Tora no Maki

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27022012025035Shinken-gata-Tora-no-Maki.„Shinken gata Tora no Maki has plenty of similarities with Kikushinden Ryu. That form was created in the late Edo period by Ichiyanagi Kazuma.

He was a student of Kano Yoshihiro, who was a master of Kukishin Ryu school.

For the foundation of Shinken gata Tora no Maki the techniques of Kukishin ryu (Daken) Taijustu were taken, as well as the experience which Ichiyanagi had from Shinden Fudo ryu Taijutsu (a school he also studied during his life.)

The combat system is consisted of Kihon and five levels called Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan and Godan. The techniques of ukemi, unlike in the other arts, contain ways of intercepting the strike of the opponent.“

On 18th of March, Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski will teach a seminar on the subject: „Shinken gata Tora no Maki“.

On the seminar all students of the Bujinkan Macedonia dojo / Taiyou e no Michi can participate.

Theme: Shinken gata Tora no Maki

Date: 18.03.2012 (Sunday)

Location: Dolnja Reka


08.00 hours – departure from Skopje

09.00 hours – arrival

09.00-16.00 hours – theory and practice

17.00 hours – return

Due to the specific nature of this seminar, if the weather conditions are inadequate for  outdoor training, this event will be held in our dojo.

Applications and additional information in our dojo or by e-mail.