Bujinkan lesson for the first graders in OU „Ljuben Lape“

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Shidoshi Ho Marjan Proshev with the assistance of kohai Maja 24022012095923kose8765.jpgIlievska, today in the elementary school “Ljuben Lape” in Skopje, gave a lecture to the first graders on the subject: „Classical Japanese schools in Bujinkan and their connection with the legendary ninjas and samurai”. The lecture was adapted to their age, and to be more fun, the members of Bujinkan Macedonia presented a part of the weapon’s arsenal that is used during the training in the dojo.

After the pupils got acquainted with the history of the classical martial arts and the causes for the appearance of the samurai and ninjas, Proshev and Ilievska held a training for the youngest in the sport hall of the school, where the basic exercises of junan taiso were shown, which are needed for their normal physical development. Afterwards, a short training in taijutsu and kenjutsu was held, upon which, the instructor Marjan Proshev pointed out to the first graders that they must never become bullies and they always have to oppose them, as well as to help the weaker when they feel threatened by the stronger ones.

The kids, who were obviously happy, wished the members of Bujinkan Macedonia to give them a visit again and to give them another lecture. Not being able to hide their excitement, the kids constantly hugged the instructors and sang them songs.

We, as members of Bujinkan, stay open for collaboration with all institutions who care about the health and the education of the youngest because we consider the kids to be the future and the strenght of our country.