A sucessfull Gyokko Ryu Kyusho seminar

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More than 20 students from the School for Classical 190220121347476587.jpgJapanese Martial arts Taiyou e no Michi, today studied the pressure points of the Gyokko Ryu School.

Even though at first this event was to take place in the outdoors, we revised that decision because of the nature of the theme practiced – it would be better to have it in the dojo, because of the melting, but still snow covered location that was first planned and the inadequately wet terrain surrounding the overflowing river near the said location.

The seminar was opened with an introduction to how to strike the pressure points of Gyokko Ryu by instructor Igor Dovezenski, as well as the principles that are to be respected during the application of them. Following the introduction, the attendants were introduced to the consequences of using such an attack.

Shidoshi Dovezenski during the entire seminar selflessly shared his knowledge of this traditional school through the kata of Koshi Sanpo / Moto Gata. After practicing the basis, several variations were tried as well, during which the instructor in the smallest detail explained the angles and ways of the attack, as well as the effects that it can cause over the different body parts of the opponent.  

At the end of this seminar, every student received a present – a schematic drawing of the kyusho, and their contentment with this seminar was shown through the plea for having another seminar on this theme as soon as possible.