A successfull winter seminar “Means to survive in the wilderness II“

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the means for winter survival are a lot easier when taught a second
time on a seminar with the same subject. In this were assured the
students who took part in this same event last year.

This time, thirteen people took part in this seminar who were divided in
several groups were learning the skills for winter survival, concerning
the building of a shelter using only natural materials from the
surroundings and without using any tools or instruments (with bare hands
only). Every group was consisted of one veteran and one beginner, and
their task was to show how much of the knowledge acquired the last, they
would be able to use this year.

After the students finished the task, instructor Igor Dovezenski
performed a check on every shelter where he pointed out all the flaws on
which the students need to be more careful in the future.

from that, the participants had a several practical lectures for easier
orientation in nature, setting a fire using quartz, as well as mental
preparation for this kind of sutuation for surviving in winter.

At the end of the seminar, a training was held with theme: knife combat.
Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski on this occasion taught new and advanced
techiques for the so called `fluid fighting`, which the students
followed with great attention.

Additionally, during the seminar the minimal temperature was around -4, and the maximal rose to +3 degrees Celsius.