Sui Ren – outdoor seminar

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On the 10th of July, the instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia, shidoshi Igor Dovezenski, will teach the seventh outdoor seminar for this year.

The theme of this seminar will be Sui Ren – battle training while in water, which was mandatory for all shinobi warriors. This event will take place at the river which is located at the base of mountain Lipac. All advanced students of Taiyou e no Michi, Bujinkan Macedonia dojo have the right to attend this seminar.

Date: 10.07.2011 (Sunday)

Location: Dolno Proodishte

09.00 hours – departure from Skopje
10.00 hours – arrival
10.30 -17.30 hours – theory and practice
18.30 return

In case the weather conditions prove to be exceptionally bad for a prolonged training while in water, the theme of this seminar will be changed to: Feeding in the outdoors (The food is all around us).