Macedonia got it`s first Shidoshi!

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21062011211600buyukai3.jpgDuring the period from the 12th to the 21st of June, the instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia, Igor Dovezenski, was in a working visit of Germany, where he took part in the biggest seminar in that country, called Buyu Kai. At the event, he passed the godan test (5th dan), better known as Sakki (deadly intent). By that, Igor Dovezenski became the first Macedonian citizen to pass this test and gained the title of Shidoshi (one of the higher titles in Bujinkan).

For those not acquainted with this test, it is taken with the
21062011211536buyukai2.jpgcandidate sitting in seiza (sitting posture), while one of the chief instructors (who should have a special permission from Soke Masaaki Hatsumi) attacks them with a wooden sword from behind their back. If the candidate feels the attack in a timely fashion and rolls forward along with escaping from the strike, he becomes a Shidoshi. In order to achieve that, one needs years and years of hard practice.

21062011211519buyukai1.jpgTo make it even harder, Dovezenski took this test in front of 20 Shihans from all around the world, who witnessed the event. He did that on demand from master Steffen Froelich, one of the first German ninjutsu masters, who has gotten his special permission to perform the test on Dovezenski from Soke Masaaki Hatsumi.

Before the seminar, who lasted four days (16th-19th of June), the leader of Bujinkan Macedonia held a dozen training sessions with his friend Ivan Ivanov, also a former student of Dovezenski and a current student of Shihan Froelich. Also, he held a training session in the dojo of Shihan Froelich along with his old friend Steffen Shultz, who can be freely called one of the best ninjutsu practitioners in Germany.

During the ten-day stay in the country, Dovezenski had the
21062011211617buyukai4.jpgopportunity to learn and practice with many other shihans, among which: Holger Kunzmann, Sheila Haddad, Giuseppe Costa, Andre Frost etc. Also, one of the more interesting training sessions was the one with Tyon Kit Sien, a master of Wudang Kung Fu (Wu Shu), who selflessly transferred a part of his knowledge in this art.

Especially emotional was the meeting between instructor Dovezenski and the Shihan Ed Martin (Papa san) during one of the training sessions in the dojo of Shihan Froelich,
as well as their meetings during the next few todays of the seminar in Katlenburg.

There is a lot more to write and tell about this great event, but instead of a long text, at the end we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the organizer of Buyu Kai 2011, Steffen Froelich, for the great organization and his honest and most valuable support towards Bujinkan Macedonia.