Woman self-defense workshop

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Traditionally, every two years, the School for  classical Japanese martial arts Bujinkan Macedonia organizes the renown:
Woman self-defense workshop.

The theme of this year`s seminar bears the title:
Hidden weapons in a lady`s purse.

In this workshop, dedicated to the self defense of females, you can get a practical answer to the following questions:

What if…?

-he insults me?
-he hits me?
-he kicks me?
-he grabs me?
-he knocks me down to the ground?

This workshop is meant for and adapted to the members of the weaker sex who have no experience in martial arts, bu certainly all are welcome, regardless of knowledge and skill.

Required equipment:

casual clothes, purse, deodorant, comb, ring, car or door keys, umbrella, pen.
You can train bare-footed or with socks on (on a soft, training foundation). The clothes you intend to wear should be older, worn out and preferably not used anymore. If you lack any of the things required, feel free to write us and we will get you the missing items.


03 april, 2011

Time: 11.00 to 15.00 hours

Location: Taftalidzhe

Additional info: 077 976 906
or on our e-mail: daito_macedonia@yahoo.com

Interview with instructor Igor Dovezenski for „Dnevnik“ on this subject: