A successfull fukiya seminar

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20032011210319fukija765.jpgDuring exquisitely cold weather, followed by rain and strong winds, we held the fukiya seminar. The place chosen for this event, Loka, which during the entire time was surrounded by gray, wet clouds, proved to be ruthless to the warriors of Bujinkan Macedonia. For the entire length of the training, our clothes were constantly wet, and our wet feet and boots made our bodies tremble to keep their temperature at a normal level.

Compared to the other seminars teaching different weapons, the ones with fukiya were always considered to be easy in regards of physical strain, but instructor Igor Dovezenski alway forces a fast climbing rhythm on the roughest terrains.

The seminar began with a short lecture about this weapon,20032011211044fukija65.jpg
which comes from the tradition of the Togakure Ryu school, after which instructor Dovezenski taught the students the way to manufacture and use the fukiya in all kinds of battle conditions. Afterwards, there was a target practice training from several body postures (kamae). For the students, especially interesting was the message transmission technique with the darts, as well as shooting them.

All in all, this experience as every other gained in the outdoor seminars, will be of great use to our students who even in their hardest moments do not allow themselves to show weakness or self-pity. The future of Bujinkan Macedonia is guaranteed with such students.