A successful outdoor seminar – „The strength of Yari“

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13022011224856jari37.jpgOn the location called Slepo Kolo, on the hill Orljak, the seminar titled `The strength of Yari` took place today. The event was attended by 11 members of Bujinkan Macedonia, who learned the ways of spear battle, as well as formation fighting with this weapon for the entire day.

As usual, instructor Dovezenski included the tiniest of details in the techniques, and the students practiced and mastered them. Especially interesting for them, was the formation fighting, where a group armed with swords tried to penetrate the line set by the spear-wielders. By using different techniques (kakehiki) each of these attacks were deflected, and the attackers defeated quickly. Two such formations, left a lasting impression on the students – the
 13022011224914jari38.jpgso called `circle of defense` and `dangerous centipede` and they mastered them quickly.

Towards the end, each student had the chance to practice the techniques on targets (stuffed bags), by which they even better understood  the ideas and strength behind the yari (spear), as well as the importance of physical fitness during the utilization of this efficient weapon.