Outdoor seminar: The strength of Yari

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02022011074641Jari4523.jpg`The School Shinden Fudo ryu Dakentaijutsu uses the following weapons: Yari (spear), Ono (battle axe), O Tsuchi (large war hammer), Tachi (sword) and Naginata. The Kuden says that one night, a demon (Tengu) came to the founder of this art in his dreams and taught him how to fight with the Yari. These techniques are still considered the biggest secret of the school.`

On the 13th of February, instructor Igor Dovezenski will hold an outdoor seminar themed: `The strength of Yari`.

The seminar is open to students of the Bujinkan Macedonia/Taiyou e no Michi dojo.

Required equipment: bokken and yari

Theme: The strength of Yari

Date: 13.02.2011 (Sunday)

Location: Slepo Kolo

08.00 – departure from Skopje
09.00 – arrival
10.00 – theory and practice
17.00 – return